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Tips for Boosting Creativity

Tips for Boosting Creativity

The theory is that people are either left-brained or right-brained, meaning that one side of their brain is dominant. If you’re mostly analytical and methodical in your thinking, you’re said to be left-brained. If you tend to be more creative or artistic, you’re thought to be right-brained.

Tips for boosting creativity

If you’re trying to nourish your creative side, here are a few ways to get started:

Read about and listen to the creative ideas of others.
You might discover the seed of an idea you can grow, or set your own imagination free.

Try something new.
Take up a creative hobby, such as playing an instrument, drawing, or storytelling. A relaxing hobby can help your mind wander to new places.

Everything you need is already within you.

Look within.
This can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself and what makes you tick. Why do you gravitate toward certain activities and not others?

Keep it fresh.
Break your set patterns and go outside your comfort zone. Take a trip to a place you’ve never been. Immerse yourself in another culture. Take a course in a subject you haven’t studied before.


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