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our story

We believe Art and Creativity has no boundaries. The world is going through issues such as border and culture conflict, mental wellbeing is being challenged and family structure is pressured with digital overload and isolation. It is with this in mind we evolved ArtKulture as a platform to provide tools to support these situations. It is a platform for all ages to engage and find something creative.

Creativity nurtures confidence. Creativity instills curiosity. It encourages questions. Creative expression gives a voice. 

What we do

We have adopted a three tier approach to what we do but creativity has no limits: 

Art/CraftKits: A variety of quality kits to suit all ages and as a family. Used regularly will stimulate the mind positively providing better wellbeing!

ArtKlubs: There is no art without collaboration. Our ArtKlubs meet frequently, both virtually and offline, allowing people from all age groups to unleash their hidden creativity. Whether its for a social event or corporate team building, we can create a bespoke ArtKlub for you.

ArtKare: An exploration into how art can heal and help as a therapeutic energy. We are reaching out to Care Homes, Educational Institutions and Corporate Organisations to provide regular wellbeing activities and kits to support their own agenda.