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ARTKARE: Brass Wire Mandala Meditation Tool/Toy

By letting your fingers manipulate the puzzle you can create different shapes whilst allowing your mind to relax. As you do this you may find that the mandala calms your nerves and reduces any anxiety!

Meditate with your Wire Mandala by focusing on the inner heptagon, fold it slowly to allow the geometry evolve. This practice will help you disengage from the narratives which often guide our actions diverting us from the present moment.

The mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol widely spread throughout the entire orient. It is a Sanskrit word meaning CIRCLE, which is the symbol of perfection, of the Undivided. Its continuous shape is said to represent the Universe.

The three-dimensional mandala was developed some 2500 years ago as a means of creating symbolic shapes to aid concentration in Buddhist meditation. The mandala puzzle is traditionally used as a meditation tool for establishing sacred space and trance induction.

5 in stock


5 in stock