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JOURNALING: Three Journal/Diary Bundle

The Positive Planner 💛
The Positive Planner introduces the idea of self-care and illustrates how it can be built into your everyday life. You’ll find coping tools and practices such as the Braintangle that help you ground yourself and find out what you need.
The Positive Bullet Diary 💙
The Positive Bullet Diary builds on our personal experience that creativity is a powerful therapeutic outlet. We’ve included instructions on creative skills such as brush lettering and doodling as well as Bullet Journaling templates so you can create without the intimidation of a completely blank page.
The Positive Wellness Journal 🧡
The Positive Wellness Journal as a way for us to learn how to nourish our being as a whole with our Mind:Body:Soul concept. The Wellness teaches new skills and therapeutic techniques to maintain good mental health and wellbeing. It uses a wide spectrum of holistic approaches, which lead you to discover your version of a healthy lifestyle and mindset.